2021 Design and Decor Trends to Consider

This year may feel different in many ways but one constant is that a new year brings new trends in home design and decor. Furthermore, with spring around the corner, it is a great time to get excited about the latest style directions in terms of colour, patterns, textures and furniture.

Here are 2021 design and decor trends to consider, plus ways you can incorporate them throughout your house:


     1.   Curvaceous Curves

A trend made popular in 2020 continues in 2021. At the start of the decade we saw it emerge in luxurious furnishings such as sofas and armchairs – now we are seeing this replicated in the architectural details of a home. Look for more curves to appear in the archways of hallways and on the transoms of doorways. This re-emergence of classical detailing adds warmth and softness to any space.

The soft curves in the ottoman, the rounded edges of the coffee table, the curved armchairs and the archways of the windows create a warm comforting space.


2.   Rattan, Wicker and all things Macramé

Another continuing trend for 2021 is the use of rattan, wicker and even macramé. In this category you will see the return of those classic cane back chairs and seagrass rugs. The dramatic textures that these nature-inspired items bring to a space look effortlessly beautiful throughout any home no matter the style your home is in. Try changing up your current kitchen island pendant lights to any of the popular ,sometimes over-sized grass woven textured ones or try changing up your old blinds to the new natural woven textured options available today and witness the change.

Textural design elements bring another layer of style to any living space.


          3.    Light Woods

Due to the ongoing popularity of the Scandinavian style and the modern farmhouse, the trend of using light woods in our interiors is continuing. We are seeing the use of light woods such as white oak in flooring, cabinetry, furniture, wall paneling, accessories and even in ceiling beams. Its beautiful neutral colour and its forgiving nature when it comes to scratches, dust and dog hair also make it a good choice for busy families.


4.      Colour Trends

Watch for Benjamin Moore colour of the year AEGEAN TEAL to be used in kitchen cabinetry and on feature walls or more subtly by adding a splash of this colour to throw blankets, pillows and accessories. Another colour combination to watch is the Pantone colour of the year ILLUMINATING (yellow shade) paired with ULTIMATE GRAY. This yellow grey combo is a classic, timeless choice for updating any colour scheme. Any shade of yellow will do – try adding a mustard velvet armchair and gold accessories to a room freshly painted grey. And lastly, one more colour to watch (which continues the trend of adding warmth and comfort to homes) is BROWN. It’s back!


Aegean Teal used as an Accent Wall and in Toss Cushion


           5.     Go for It!

Luxurious materials, exotic finishes, custom furniture, customized rugs, wallpaper and over-sized light fixtures! Go for it! Anything that makes your space unique and tells YOUR story  is what you should just go for. A good designer will help you streamline this and maybe introduce you to things you didn’t know available and to help you express your individuality.

It seems like the trends in 2021 are adding up to creating warm, inviting, soft, and yet dramatic spaces for us to enjoy. If you are interested in incorporating any of these trends into your  existing living space or are considering a renovation of any kind,  contact us at NUVO DESIGN STUDIO.   Call us today or feel free to book your own free one hour consultation and get started the right way.

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