2022 Top Home Design Trends to Consider

As we enter 2022, a sense of optimism exists that maybe didn’t at this same time as last year. Even though things are still difficult, they are still hopeful. In terms of home design trends, the need to create a comforting, cozy and warm place to call our own has not gone out of style. Here are the top home design trends for 2022:

1.   Rounded Shapes and the Continuation of Curves

This prominent trend started with the curvy sofa and then last year continued with the curved archways. Now it is appearing in light fixtures, lamps, headboards, kitchen islands, mirrors, etc. This classical detailing started by the Romans centuries ago, looks refreshing today, providing us with the warmth we crave and adding softness to any space.

This chair is right on trend incorporating soft curves and a cozy boucle fabric

This chair is right on trend incorporating soft curves and a cozy boucle fabric in a warm natural colour

2.   All Things Natural

The use of all natural materials such as rattan and wicker is here to stay. You’ll find it in furniture, light fixtures, hand carved wooden bowls, unglazed or even glazed ceramic vases and hand made wool rugs. The dramatic textures that these nature-inspired items bring to a space look effortlessly beautiful throughout any home, and compliments any style. This year try changing up the accessories on your fireplace mantle, your bookshelves or on your coffee table. Change up your area rug or your kitchen chairs to ones with a cane back and experience the difference even a few small changes will make.

3.    Soft Cozy Fabrics

Due to the ongoing need to create coziness and comfort, the use of soft fabrics such as boucles, faux shearlings and furs, chunky woolly knits and velvets are essential. These work well in any style, but offer a nice contrast to textures when used with styles such as Scandinavian, the modern farmhouse, mid-century modern or even in a minimalist gallery style. Adding a hand-knotted, wool area rug to your space not only defines the area but it also creates that extra layer warmth.

Faux shearling benches added to this dining room table refresh the space and make it warm, inviting and fashionable. The contrast of textures between the rug, chairs and even the dining room table details make it visually interesting even though it is a monochromatic palette.

4.      Colour Trends

Both leaders in the paint and colour industry picked a shade of green as their colour for the year: Benjamin Moore ‘October Mist’ and Sherwin Williams ‘Evergreen Fog’. As we mentioned last year, colours in the home industry are warming towards the greens, browns, rust tones and beiges. Call it the ‘Yellowstone’ influence, but we are introducing clay and terracotta colours which work nicely with the greens and the beiges and even the greys (which will always be here to stay). Nice clay colours include Sherwin Williams ‘Rose Tan’, ‘Coral Clay’ and ‘Sierra Redwood’ and Benjamin Moore’s Wild Flower. Look for a future blog on the Modern Desert design style. This emerging trend, influenced by Yellowstone, uses these clay/blush colours alongside greens and blues, the colour of a sunset reflected in a rustic landscape.

5.    GO BOLD!

Perhaps this trend is here to stay based on our boredom with all things normal, but MAXIMALISM is here to stay. This trend utilizes luxurious materials, exotic finishes, custom furniture, customized rugs, wallpaper, oversized light fixtures and dark moody colours to create theatrical settings and dramatic spaces. Think Art Deco decor and motifs.

A good designer will help you streamline all of these ideas to create a look and feel to your home that is unique to you and help you to express your individuality. If you are interested in incorporating any of these trends into your  existing living space or are considering a renovation of any kind, contact us at NUVO DESIGN STUDIO. Call us today or feel free to book your own Introductory Phone Call to get started right away.

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