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For many of you, your home is your palace — where you’re free to reign as you please. You may even consider your home an upscale retreat where glitter and opulence aren’t just welcome but encouraged. If you’re someone who enjoys the sophistication of luxury and glamour, from crystal chandeliers to velvet tufted furnishings and faux fur throw rugs, but you’re unsure how to work these elements into your home design, Nuvo Design Studio – Decorating Den Interiors can help.

Elements of Hollywood Glam Style

When you think of Hollywood glam design style, old Hollywood may come to mind. That’s because its lavishness inspires everything from the furniture to the colour palettes, fabrics, and finishes. Learn more about some of the fundamental elements of luxe glam style and how playing with any or all of these design aspects will bring the glitz and glam straight into your home.

Colours: The fundamentals of luxe and glam start with the right colour scheme. Traditionally, metallics, neutrals, or neutrals with a pop of accent colour create a glamorous look indicative of the old-world Hollywood homes. Use crisp shades of white on your walls, then play with subtle pastels or metallic tones in your window dressings, light fixtures, and accessories. If you’re looking for something extra dramatic, transform your space with rich, dark walls, then brighten the area up with jewel-toned accents.

Furnishings: The furniture in the Hollywood glam style mixes large, functional pieces with fun, decorative elements. Tufted furniture is extremely popular in the glamour style, from couches to accent chairs, ottomans, and headboards. Aside from looking the part, it’s incredibly comfortable too! Furnishings made of gold and brass also play well in the Hollywood style and help amplify the feel of glam. Think about the furniture that will work in your space and what will be practical for your lifestyle.

Fabric: Get creative and think about texture when choosing the fabrics for your glam style. You want materials that feel soft and luxurious when you touch them. After all, nothing says glamour like faux fur, velvet, and satin. Additionally, glistening metallics or fabrics that mimic marble help create visual interest without weighing down a space.

Lighting: Glamorous interior design relies heavily on dramatic light fixtures. For many, it’s all about the crystal, but there are plenty of luxurious lighting options available. It’s important to find light fixtures that are practical for the area you’re installing them, but that ooze elegance as well. Put a focus on lighting made with brass, metal, or crystal to achieve that old-world-Hollywood glitz.

Do you want to inject elements of luxury and glamour into your home? Nuvo Design Studio – Decorating Den Interiors can help you choose the colours, furnishings, light fixtures, and accessories that will completely transform your home and take it from drab to fab!

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