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Nuvo Design Studio – Decorating Den Interiors makes the whole process of interior design easy for our clients. We have an extensive product catalog featuring thousands of samples of top quality home furnishings products and the best part, we bring our design ideas and samples to the most convenient showroom in the world – your home or office.

Meet Rosa Nudo-Perras

I am a proud Toronto based designer with years of experience designing custom closets, kitchens, and millwork. Additionally, I have handled various renovation projects from initial concept to completion. Along with earning an economics degree, I am a graduate of the Interior Design program of the highly acclaimed International Academy of Design.

After growing up a bit north of the city, I moved to Toronto with my family in 2002 and have been able to see its growth first-hand. From its diverse demographics and cultures to its unique and charming neighborhoods, Toronto is a thriving metropolitan area and has adopted many of the outlying suburbs as its own. My love for the city, combined with my passion for art, architecture, and design, inspired me to join the Decorating Den Interiors franchise. After an extensive qualifying process, I was selected to open a franchise and am excited to give customers access to high-quality products that would otherwise be difficult to find in the city, even with its vast home furnishing retailers’ network.

Working with Decorating Den Interiors enables me to provide customers with a turn-key solution to all their interior design needs, offering everything from custom upholstery, custom drapery, custom bedding, floor coverings, wall coverings, furniture, lighting, accessories, and artwork for every area of the home. I approach every project with a timeless appeal and unique plan tailored to each client, utilizing beautiful custom furnishings, luxurious layered materials, and unexpected details.

My motto for design is while beauty and quality are paramount, form should follow function. Before thinking about design aesthetics, the function and needs of every individual room, condominium, home, cottage, or second home must be considered.

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Meet Nada Elbaytam

Nada Elbaytam is an Interior designer based in Toronto. She has gained a bachelor’s degree in Environmental design from OCAD University. Nada has a tremendous passion for designing and admiration for all things beautiful, from all forms of art to every simple detail of life. Her work is a reflection of her personal design values. She is filled with determination towards making your space functional, safe, and beautiful. Her goal is to deliver harmonious and meaningful living experiences catered to her clients’ needs and liking. Nada is a maker, artist, and designer at heart; she will ensure that every element of her design process is carried out to the best of her abilities.