Professional Beach House or Beach Condo Interior Design

The decor in your oceanside house or condo can make or break the vibe of the space. Enhance the natural beauty that surrounds your beach home with help from Nuvo Design Studio – Decorating Den Interiors!

The interior decorators at Nuvo Design Studio – Decorating Den Interiors understand the aesthetic needs of an oceanside home. No beach home is complete without:

  • Ample room for guests. Owning a beach property means plenty of people will want to experience the space! We will design guest bedrooms that will fit the needs of any visitors or if bedrooms are in short supply we will ensure that we will make whatever space is available multi-functional in order to accommodate guests.
  • A peaceful palette. You don’t want to take away from a room with a view by adding distracting colours and accessories. Our decorators will show you the neutral hues that will create the ultimate paradise with our vast selection of furniture and accessories designed to create that coastal vibe
  • Nautical accessories. In any home, it can be difficult to find a balance between accessorizing and going overboard! We will help you find the best beach accessories as well as the best place to show them off in your beach house.
  • Weather-proof furnishings. The sun and sand from the beach are bound to make their way back to your home. Our decorators are experienced in decorating beach homes – we know which furnishings can withstand the test of time and resist problems caused by sand and salt water.

Depending on your needs, we are able to visit your beach home to take measurements, photos, and anything else necessary to design a space you’ll love. Best of all, because we are located in Toronto, we can meet here to discuss ideas, allow you to see and feel samples, and discuss the logistics of your project in person.

We are proud to help Torontonians with their homes in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Aventura, Hollywood, Sunny Isles, and other sunny destinations in Southeast Florida.

If you own an oceanside home or are in the process of purchasing a vacation property that’s in need of a design upgrade, Nuvo Design Studio – Decorating Den Interiors can help!

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