Tips for Making Your Master Bedroom More Relaxing

The master bedroom should be a place for winding down after a long, productive day and waking up after a peaceful night’s rest. It should be a space where you can retreat and refresh; a room where you can leave your troubles and stresses at the door and cozy up in your bed for total relaxation.

Revamping your master bedroom is an exciting endeavour – it gives you an opportunity to improve not only your living space, but also your mindset. Here are five tips to help you create your relaxing respite:

1. Clean up
Sometimes, the simplest act of tidying up can completely transform a bedroom into a more tranquil living space. Take some time to reorganize and declutter your room to let the space breathe and you may find yourself suddenly at ease. This can involve everything from removing clutter from the tabletop surfaces to vowing to make your bed every morning. Tasks that involve reorganization can be the simple fix you need to feel more comfortable. Assess your storage situation. Maybe now is the time to consider that new armoire, new nightstands equipped with better storage or even a full closet makeover. This can remove the chaos of day-to-day life and install comfort, control and convenience.


2. Get rid of potential distractions
Your master bedroom is meant to be a space where you can unwind. However, today and especially through COVID, it may have had to serve several purposes – a quiet reading space, a TV room, or even a work space. We should aim to remove all distractions prior to calling it quits for night. Tidying up your workspace once you are done will help. If space is ample, consider adding a separate zone for these additional activities – such as a comfortable lounge chair with a reading table and floor lamp.

gray themed master bedroom
This master bedroom sitting area is a perfect place to have a coffee or read a book and the colour scheme is so soothing.

3. Bring in aromatherapeutic or fresh scents
For a quick refresh, flowers and plants can be soothing both visually and aromatically. Scents such as eucalyptus and lavender can have a calming effect. Fresh flowers not only add a fresh scent, but also add a touch of luxury to a space that’s potentially lacking elegance.


4. Reconsider your colour scheme
Look around your master bedroom and decide how your wall colour, bedding, artwork and accents make you feel. Do these decorative elements put you at ease or do they make you feel over stimulated? Colour choice is critical to promote relaxation. Lighter shades of grey, blue, green and of neutrals often promote calmness. For some, a dark, moody colour may create that perfect cozy comforting feeling.  Change the paint colour or add accent wall. Consider changing up those toss cushions, duvet and throw. Change up your headboard! For that extra touch of comfort don’t forget to add a coordinating area rug.


pink bedroom with floral decor
A light and refreshing colour scheme can make all the difference.

5. Don’t forget the room darkening window treatments

Dark rooms improve the quality of sleep. Here int he city, consider blocking out outdoor ambient light with room darkening shades or drapery with black out lining. This one change will definitely add to your rest and relaxation.


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